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Second Act Writings: An eclectic poetry & prose collection - Volume 1


R.H.W. Dorsey's Second Act Writings is an eclectic collection of poetry and prose. The writings encompass various rhyming schemes, free verse, and poetic forms. The author begins the second act in life with this eclectic compilation of views on love, life, hope, comedy, and tragedy.  Available here. new books Book websites black authors

Papier-mâché dreams: eclectic flash & short fiction


 The collective stories of Papier-Mâché Dreams are an eclectic mix of flash, micro, sudden, and short fiction by R.H.W. Dorsey. Contemporary fiction, comedy, suspense, crime, and romance make this offering the perfect book for light reading at home or anywhere. See more about this book on paperback here, and on eBook here

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Second Acts Press announces the release of its first publication: Second Act Writings Volume 2: Poems on Life, Love, & Other Musings.

The eBook version is now available at online retailers here.  

The paperback version is now in distribution and is available on Amazon here. new books Book websites black authors

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Volume 2 of the Second Act Writings Poetry series is now available on eBook. 


The paperback is available on Amazon here

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A mystery series and memoir is currently in the works by R.H.W. Dorsey.  Updates will follow in the future with details on these projects. 


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The first publication under the Second Acts Press imprint was published July 2019:  

Second Act Writings Volume 2: Poems on Life, Love, & Other Musings by R.H.W. Dorsey.